Xbox Live Maintenance

It’s that time of the year again. Xbox. com shut down yesterday for the regular maintenance stuff as well as some “amazing” new features. The funny thing was that it was supposed to be down for 24hrs, from midnight to midnight. Now its 7:45 pacific and still nothing. The site popped up a few minutes ago but I was not able to log on. I’m going to keep trying though.. I want to know why I couldn’t play Far Cry last night!!!

Update: It’s back up now… but still can’t login. Still don’t know WHAT’S NEW?!?!?!

Update 8:09am: Can’t get into the forums or log in. Any attempt sends me back to the main page. Still waiting and hopeing!

Update 10:35am: Still waiting….

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2 responses to Xbox Live Maintenance

  1. Dennis

    No XBOX360 online action. I wonder when it is coming back…. Anyone know?

  2. Nothing yet… I’m wondering that too. So far it doesn’t look any different. All the same layout and such. Some new ads but I know you don’t have to shut down the whole system to add new game ads. We’ll keep checking!

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