No Way! (Wait, why am I surprised?)

We’ll call it the Sony Switcharoo. Last week Sony was on top of the world with a $100 price drop on the PS3. The world erupted with applause. Where the system has failed thus far has been without a doubt, the price point. Sales spiked, people finally had a chance to play the crappy games lineup, the world was at peace. But wait, whats this?

Today Sony announced they are pulling their $499 60 Gig model at the end of July and selling their new 80 Gig model for… $599?!

Who is in charge here! This is probably the dumbest move I’ve ever seen on a console launch. I’ll admit though, much like the Wii, I am healthier from all the laughing going on…

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2 responses to No Way! (Wait, why am I surprised?)

  1. Seek help you moron, the PS3 has it’s problems, so does the 360. The fact that you wouldn’t be friends with someone with a PS3 for long just shows how much of a shallow narrow minded little f***** c*** you are.

    No i’m not a PS3 “fanboy”, I own all three systems and I like many others are tired of f****** idiots like you who think the 360 is the bible, get a sense of humility you t***.

    (edited 8-8-07 by mrkniceguy for strong language. Stupidity remains.)

  2. Um, perhaps you missed my point. Oh, wait… you’re re-enforcing it with you “comment” here. I do not have any respect for you or people like you who spout off nonsense just because you can on the ‘enternet’ and therefor would NEVER be your friend. Besides the fact that you’re Canadian…

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