Forza 2 Custom Paint

Got Forza Motorsports 2 yesterday. It’s a lot of fun racing all kinds of cars and creating custom paint jobs.

Here is an official MKG Audi TT. It’s my current “A” class car.

Can’t wait to race some more…

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2 responses to Forza 2 Custom Paint

  1. Jvanti

    I might need to get Forza 2 so we can race, or you could get PGR4.

    Anyway, SWEET CAR!!!

  2. Thanks man!

    Yeah, Forza 2 is a great game. Worth picking up. Right now Forza 2 is only $18 used where PGR4 is $30. I’ll probably wait for PGR4 to drop down a little before picking it up. Or maybe I should trade in one of my other 20 games towards it. 🙂

    You should get Forza 2 and I’ll get PGR4. 😉

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