I iz 1337!

Today, I accomplished an amazing thing. I finished the Call of Duty 4 campaign on Veteran. After months of being stuck on No Fighting In the War Room (love that Dr. Strangelove reference!), I got some help from the guys on the xbox.com forums and watched a few videos on nextgenwalkthroughs.com. It took me two nights of sheer determination to get through the crates and then the tunnels in NFITWR, but less than 30 minutes after blasting through to the control room, I was watching the credits again. Woot! Deep and Hard is probably the hardest 360 achievement I have unlocked to date. Pizza Party with the Knice People tonight!

I am taking a break before even attempting Mile High Club…

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  1. CovenantSlayerJ

    Knice Job Good Luck getting the mile high Cheeve. It took me Forever!

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