Nit Grit – Sick Slick Sounds

If you are dubstep fan, there is something you should know. Nit Grit is bringing it like nobodies business.

I stumbled on to Nit Grit while listening to Grooveshark a few months ago. After doing a quick search I found his website and discovered, much to my delight, that all the San Jose artist’s music is available there…. for free.

Nit Grit has a great sound. Very dubstep, but also very emotionally diverse. Each song is a sonic ride through his well-chosen sample base. Some songs tick along and a slow pace, building layers upon layers of sounds, while others clip right along and rage like a dirty wall of sound, smashing all eardrums in its path. It’s even more impressive that Nit Grit understands the future of music distribution… and makes it free to all who want to hear.

So check it out. You’ve got nothing to lose, and Nit Grit has everything to gain. Grab a free album and then check out a tour spot near you.