About MrKniceGuy

“MrKniceGuy” \”mister knice guy”\mis-ter nahys gahy
1. A guy who is known as nice, pleasant or pleasing; kind; agreeable
2. Mister Knice Guy (with a silent k)
3. One who finishes last.

“Poor Mr Knice Guy, good guys just can’t get a break. Nice guys really do finish last.”


MrKniceGuy is a nickname from college. You can guess how it came about, but the silent “K” is from my last name having a silent K (as in knife, or knee).

Former clan leader for the now defunct Philosophy of War Halo 3 clan, I hack (not in the bad way) computers, play video games, watch movies and listen to music. That’s what this site is about. All of these things affect my views here and you will see it through my posts.

MKG out

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