Unfinite Indiscovery? Or was it Infinite Undiscovery?…

Infinite Undiscovery

With a pretty weird title, Infinite Undiscovery has gotten some strange looks as it gets closer to its release here in the United States. But with the release of a 4 minute gameplay clip, it will be a lot harder to find bad things to say about this Square Enix release. Check it out for yourself:

Slated for September 9th release, I can’t wait to check this game out. I have enjoyed the Final Fantasy universe in the past, and I was looking forward to a new series from Square where I didn’t have to have played the last 9 games to understand the complex back story. Infinite Undiscovery seems like a good opportunity to start out with a new universe and story. And the real time battle gameplay is exciting. Here is the US trailer from a few weeks ago.

Yeah. I know. Sweet, huh? September is so far away…..

Oh, and Infinite Undiscovery is an Xbox 360 Exclusive.

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