What is Bungie Up to?

And now for the question everyone is asking… What is Bungie up to? A visit to their homepage at Bungie.net brings up a logo of what fans are calling “The Superintendent” as well as a countdown leading to 7:07 am Pacific Time tomorrow, 7/16.

On Bungie Day, July 7 (notice the 7-7 symbolism here too), Bungie released a gamer picture pack and theme that both included the superintendent.

Several Bungie employees have been seen at E3 (but what gaming company *doesn’t* have representatives at E3 right now?) and there is speculation about a new game announcement. But what? And when? Neither Microsoft nor Sony included them in their keynotes. Remember that Microsoft owns the rights to the Halo franchise, but no longer owns Bungie. Is this some new game franchise from Bungie? One can only hope.

Stay tuned. We will bring you more as the story unfolds.

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