Guess you had to be there… glad I wasn’t.

I love Tony Hawk. Being a skateboarder growing up, and making one of the greatest games of all time (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater – on PlayStation) Tony carries some weight when it comes to athleticism and video games. But what about music? I’m sure Tony has great taste in music, as his games always have killer soundtracks. But demoing Guitar Hero Wold Tour doesn’t seem to light his fire. Just see for yourself.

Well, if Paula Abdul was there I would probably have the same expression. But the little clip reminds me of something. Whether its Rock Band or Guitar Hero, the public demos of the games always seem awful. The sound is bad, the performers are bad, the audience is bad. So why do publishers keep promoting this way? I’ve played Guitar Hero III and I can say from experience it’s a great game. I’ve also played Rock Band and again, a good game. The key though is who you are playing the game with. It’s a “have to be there” experience. So stop showing us this crap. Just give me some canned overdubbed marketing video.

UPDATE: I should note that Tony didn’t actually make the game, his name was just on it and was involved with the development. The great team at Neversoft did and publisher Activision brought it to us. [correction]


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