Fallout 3 deets and such


Two reviews hit the intertubes today about Fallout 3 and what we can look forward to as far as gameplay.

VATS, RPG elements and more, after the jump.

AJ Glasser has done a writeup for Kotaku detailing the differences between Oblivion and Fallout 3. Focusing on what seems like the major sales point for me, I was happy to have some more info regarding the latest Fallout and why it’s heralded as being “like Oblivion.”

“The way you move and the world in which you move feel as much like Oblivion as Oblivion did – only the genre is different. The rats are mutated ants, the mountain lions are mole rats that chase you for miles over the wide world map, and everywhere you go, it seems like there’s a cluster of raiders or thieves out to get you.” – AJ Glasser

But what about the fighting. My favorite part is the battle system. The description sounds like quite the strategic undertaking.

“The big ticket item is the combat system that incorporates Action Points. I’m glad they decided to make combat real time, because nothing screams “I’m afraid of evolving” like turn-based fights. You might think, then, that strategy goes out the window and the game devolves into shootouts whenever an enemy is encountered. To a certain extent, it does (if you’re a trigger-happy spaz like me); but if you keep your cool long enough to press R2 instead of R1 (I was playing on PS3), you get a healthy dose of strategy by opening up VATS mode.” – AJ Glasser

Be sure to read the whole review here.

Randy Nelson at Joystiq gave his view of the game after being able to spend a few hours with it as well. RPG elements, dialog systems, and combat systems are well analyzed. The V.AT.S. (Vault-tec Assisted Targeting System) sounds awesome.

“Conversing with NPCs was fairly basic stuff; we could ask them about the Wasteland, the town, themselves, and, in some cases, missions they had. It’s not on the same level as Mass Effect’s, but the dialog system does its job well.”

“One of the combat highlights from our play session was using the V.A.T.S.’ ability to pinpoint-target specific body parts to shoot the pistol out of a Raider’s hand, then watching him try to run for cover as we capped him in the legs. (Ouch.)” – Randy Nelson


Read Randy’s full rundown here.

I must say, at first I wasn’t totally sure Fallout 3 was going to be all that. Now I’m very sure it’s going to be all that… and more.

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