Video Games Are Cool

It’s no hidden fact that I love video games. I think they’re such a great way to spend some free time. Rather than simply flipping channels (I don’t have cable anyway) or watching a movie for a few hours, I love jumping into a world that needs to be discovered. One of the reasons I loved Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion was for this reason. I could just adventure around and find new people to talk to (looking for quests) or scour a dungeon somewhere. The ability to wander around and see what the designers had placed in the world. Video games are a chance to explore those things. Fable does this to a degree although not quite as organically. Fallout 3 (another Bethesda game like Oblivion) is a huge world with seemingly endless nooks and crannies to explore.

Movies are great. They tell a story (well, the good ones do). But video games tell a story that you help to shape. It’s much more interactive. For better or for worse, video games are my preferred entertainment medium.

What do you like about video games?