New (Old) Crystal Method – Divided by Night [Album]

I’ve been listening to some older electro latetly and came accross this album from 2009 – The Crystal Method Divided by Night.

I must say… I love it! I am a huge fan of Vegas (one of my all-time favorite albums) and Tweekend was pretty good, whereas the 2004 Legion of Boom was pretty dissapointing. But Divided by Night just shines. From the very start the album drives hard but maintains a good sense of melody. I’ve listened to it over and over now and each time it’s interesting and fun. And  assuming you got the speakers, this album will NOT disappoint you on the low end of the spectrum.

Track three features Matisyahu and is tons of fun. Here’s the offical vid:

Track four has none other than Justin Warfield from She Wants Revenge and it’s by far my favorite song on the album. Check it out:

Buy the album today from Amazon. You won’t be sorry: