The Glitch Mob

I’m a big fan of the soundtrack to the new Tron movie Tron: Legacy. The soundtrack is written and recorded by Daft Punk, a genius musical due and features a huge sound including a full orchestra. If you haven’t heard it yet, I highly recommend checking it out. Amazon has it for $6.99 right now including a bonus track.

Recently I also purchased the Tron: Legacy Reconfigured ($7.99 at Amazon). Remixed tracks from the soundtrack done by various artist. Again, if you haven’t heard it, you simply must. The first remix on the album is done by The Glitch Mob, a Los Angeles group specializing in electronic music. And thus began my persuit of the Mob known as Glitch.

If you like Daft Punk, the Tron: Legacy soundtrack or good electronic in general, you’ll love The Glitch Mob.


Here’s a little sample from

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