JLab Pumps Up The Jams

Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes on my website here knows that I love music. I catalog my Mp3s religiously. I use special sorting systems, and I care greatly about what my audio sounds like. Which is why I’m a huge JLab Audio fan.

JLab-CrasherSince Christmas a few years ago when my lovely wife bought me my first pair of J3s earbuds, the only headphones I will buy is JLab stuff. They make exceptionally good headphones that are extremely affordable. Since that Christmas I’ve owned a pair of J4 and J3M earbuds, Bombora TEKST headphones and most recently the Crasher portable Bluetooth speaker. All of them have reproduced sound like you wouldn’t believe and at a price you wouldn’t expect. My friends, you’re getting more than what you pay for here. These things are the best.

The Crasher that I got today really has me excited. It’s a battery-powered portable speaker with Bluetooth built-in so it jams go wherever you go. And even cooler, the thing charges your USB powered device while it plays! I was nervous about the audio quality of this tiny speaker (it’s about 7 inches long) but it really impressed me. It’s no hi-fi rig, but c’mon, this thing is a mobile music player, not a 12 inch subwoofer. I cranked up some music via my Google Play Music All Access on my Android Galaxy Nexus and the music I was listening to sound nice even in the next room.

Check out some JLab stuff.  They make all kinds of great devices. From earbuds, to headphones and speakers and more. I’ve been impressed and for the price you can afford to give them a chance. I’m sure glad I did.