Media Monkey 4 Is Here – And Better Than Ever

I’ve been a long time user of Media Monkey software going back to sometime around 2007. When my music collection seemed to be growing at a rate beyond what current media managers could handle effectively. Windows Media Player was ok, but super laggy. iTunes was out of the question (sorry, I don’t do Apple). And open source options like Songbird where still very basic.

I decided to try Media Monkey and it has been my go-to media manager ever since. I’ve tried others over the years but the Monkey does such a great job that nothing has even been able to replace it. I even chose my OS based on Media Monkey. I tried to switch 100% to Ubuntu but because I couldn’t get Media Monkey to work in WINE switched back (I still use Ubuntu in a VM all the time, in case you are wondering. Yes, I love Linux).

Last week Media Monkey 4.0 was released and it really brings a whole new element to Media Monkey… and makes it not only a music manager but also a video manager. Sweet molasses.

Screenshot from Media Monkey 4

Media Monkey, as always, is sleek and takes a minimal amount of memory. Right now I’m listening and managing some files and it’s using 50MB. Not bad considering it’s managing 24,964 tracks and I have it cranked.

Where Media Monkey shines is not only the ability to play your music but to manage it too. Tagging songs with ID3, transcoding (get the Gold license for more options), moods, tempos, ratings and tons more. You can make your library what you want it to be. Now I’m looking forward to applying some of the managing features to my video collection as well.

When you need to manage a lot of tracks, or simply want a great interface for listening to music, Media Monkey can’t be beat. Grab it and check it out.


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