The Console War Is Not A War Between You And Me (Opinion)

The “Console War” is win win for gamers

PS4 Next-Gen ConsoleI’ve been thinking and what I’ve come up with is that the “console war” isn’t and really shouldn’t be between gamers. Gamers have a common bond, and that bond is their deep and passionate love for video games. The real war is between the companies who make consoles and I believe that’s a healthy thing. The manufactures of consoles have a business to run, and that business is providing consoles and games to the millions of gamers all around the world. It’s really a beautiful thing when you stop and think about it. Companies vying for that special spot right under your TV, getting you to use their social systems with other gamers and ultimately getting you to play their latest, hottest games. It really puts gamers in the drivers seat for the future of gaming. In this war, we have a vote. And we vote with our dollars.

Keep comments constructive please

Xbox One Next-Gen ConsoleBut as I look around the internets, mostly what I see is people grouping up into “PS4 fanboys” and “Xbox One fanboys” groups and slinging comments like “my conzolls is better than urz becaze I can (fill in the blank here)!!11one.” While some discussion about what each console does better than the other can be very helpful (especially to those who haven’t decided yet what console they’re going to purchase first or if they’re even getting more than one), it doesn’t help gamers as a whole. Rather than slinging mud, talking about the facts and advantages that each console offers is a much better way of sharing with others about why you’re excited about the next-gen systems. And that’s a much better way to interact with fellow gamers.

Be excited about the future

Any way you cut it, the future of video gaming is bright. With veteran console manufactures vying for your gaming dollars, the competition is fierce. And as gamers, we should be excited for how manufacturers are working to make the best gaming systems they can. Why? Well, ultimately they want your money. But to get your money they’re going to have to make killer gaming machines.

Gamers win

I’m excited for the future of the “Console Wars.” Not because I’m participating in the war, but because I am helping decide the outcome. And the war is about me as a gamer. Who doesn’t love being the source of an epic battle of interest?

How about you? How do you feel about the console war as a gamer?

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