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  • Halo 4

    If you look at the tag cloud the bottom right corner of the site, you’ll see that one of the most talked about games here at mrkniceguy.com is Halo 3. It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of the Halo games for the past 11 years. It’s been a fun series to play and…

  • Halo 3 Recon

    What’s this? A new Halo game? You don’t say… what a surprise. Bungie is happy to announce their new Halo 3 Prequel add new campaign play to the Halo world. Halo 3 recon is a stand alone game and will not require the original Halo 3 disc. In fact, it is reported that the game…

  • Bungie’s EDGE Award acceptance video a clue?

    Edge Magazine recently awarded Halo 3 as their choice for the Edge Award, a prize for its recognition in Interactive Innovation. Bungie was not able to be present to receive the award but they did send this video: