“laser swords”

Having worked retail in the past I love reading about other peoples experiences with customers and the wacky things they say. This one was particularly funny mostly because I have been asked similary questions in the past. I have never worked at a game store but I have been asked similar questions with similar results.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Video Game Store | United Kingdom

(Note: I didn’t even work at this place. I was just looking at the games with my dad but I figured I’d help this lady out.)

Customer: “Hi, my son wants a Star Wars game. How much will that be?”

Me: “Well, there are lots of Star Wars games, because some are older than others. The older ones are more likely to be cheaper… sometimes the console changes the price as well.”

Customer: “Console?”

Me: “The thing you play it on.”

Customer: “Oh he’s got a Gamestation.”

Me: “Do you mean a Playstation or a Gamecube?”

Customer: “I don’t know, it’s black.”

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