FireFox 3.0 out today!

If you aren’t using FireFox as your primary web browser, it’s time you started. More secure, faster, tons of great addons just to name a few reasons to make the switch. And what better time to get on board than with the released today, version 3! With over 15,000 improvements over version 2, Firefox is better than ever. And if you download today, you can help make history! Mozilla (the developers of Firefox) are shooting for a Guinness Record number of downloads in a 24hr period.

I use a number of addons that all installed wonderfully (with one exception) and all my bookmarks, cookies and preferences carried right over. There are a few addons I highly recommend, once you get FF3 installed.

AdBlock Plus
Better Gmail 2
(if you use Gmail, which you should)
(needed for Better Gmail 2)
Image Zoom – resize images on any web site
IE Tab – for those pages that just haven’t been updated to work with Firefox (lazy developers) 😉
Down Them All – file downloader

Get the new FireFox3 here.


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