Dreamcar Challenge(r)

MSN Auto is running a promotion for the new Dodge Challenger and in the process giving Microsoft Points away! All you have to do is design a car, give them all your info (and be prepared for some spam) and CHECK THE BOX STATING YOU WANT MS POINTS! This part is key. You only have one chance to get that right. Make sure you check the box!!

Here is the official MKG car.

There has been some confusion and cheating regarding the offer. Your initial email may show up without the code for points. They are delaying the points for 7-10 days to keep the thieves at bay. So be warned. There is no guarantee you will get any points at all. But the car is kind of fun to design too.

**Disclaimer: I do not work for Microsoft or Xbox or the like (although sometimes my reviews look like I do) and have no connection to this offer. In fact, I would rather you didn’t sign up. That gives me a better chance of winning. 😉


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