Too Many Good Games…

The KniceGuy Household xbox360 attachment rate increased over the weekend. Again. Every time we have a family event (in this case, it was a celebration of 7 years of marriage for Mr & Mrs KniceGuy), we have to buy a game or two to celebrate.  We thought about trading in a few games, but then we went through our entire library and couldn’t find a single game we didn’t want to keep playing. If I counted correctly, we’re up to 26 games now, counting two copies of Call of Duty 4 so both of us could play online together.

When we went to GameStop to buy PGR4 and Bioshock (both used) and preorder Fable 2, I caught myself saying “There are too many good games coming out!” If I was made of money and time, I would have preordered Fallout 3 and Infinite Undiscovery on the spot. I find myself organizing my time based on what game will be coming out. It’s a great problem for gamers these day – too many great games that make it hard to choose what to play.

So here’s MrsKniceGuy’s schedule of games for the next few months:
1. Finish Blue Dragon.
2. Finish Mass Effect playthrough #4 on Insanity (I’ve already got my level 60 Vanguard, it shouldn’t take long now).
3. Trade “the Allies” Mass Effect for Lost Odyssey.
4. Spend days of life (and several boxes of kleenex if the GamerchiX are right) playing Lost Odyssey.
5. Play the Fable 2 pub games in August while waiting impatiently for October 21.
6. Rent Infinite Undiscovery on September 1, and decide whether to buy it.
7. Preorder Fallout 3 after a pay day in September for the October 8 release.

And see? I completely forgot Bioshock, PGR4, more COD4 online, Geometry Wars 2, and about half a dozen other games I would really love to play. Like I said, there are too many good games out these days. But I won’t complain.

I’m sure MrKniceGuy has a completely different list – and if his response to playing PGR4 yesterday is any indication, I bet it will involve a lot of motorcycle racing.

So, what games are you currently enjoying or looking forward to? I’d love to add more to the plethora of gamer goodness on the schedule.


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