More Games Than I Know What To Do With

I have a problem. The problem is a good one, however, it is quite debelitating. You see, I have more games than I have time to play them. And there are new games coming out all the time, adding to the problem. How will I ever find the time to play them all?

Lately it seems, I only have a few hours a week to spend on my 360. Maybe a Friday night, or Sunday evening. I still have to play through Fallout 3 before I can go buy New Vegas. And I was just given a copy of Halo Reach, which I’ve played about an hour of. I beat Portal 2 (twice) and have taken some time to play a few of the Humble FrozenByte Bundle games. But there are still lots to play.

It’s a good time to be a gamer. There are a lot of great games to play and killer consoles to play it on. Here’s to carving out some time to play them.