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  • Google Music Beta vs Amazon Cloud Player (A Quick Look)

    I’m a big fan of both Google and Amazon. Inovation and a web experience like no other, Google continues to bring amazing technologies to the forefront of our internet browsers (in my case – Google Chrome). And Amazon brings me all kinds fun through not only digital toys, but physical objects¬†delivered¬†to my door. So when…

  • Android and WordPress

    I gotta admit, I’m pretty excited about posting from my sweet phone. One of the main reasons for reloading the WordPress site is to use the android app. Be looking for more sweet content in the future.

  • Spark 360 Review

    There is a special place in my heart for technology. I’ve grown up around gadgets and gear and spent plenty of time programming, building and replacing hardware and the like. So I love it when technology pieces fit together. One of those pieces is an Android app that brings the joys of Xbox Live to…