Spark 360 Review

There is a special place in my heart for technology. I’ve grown up around gadgets and gear and spent plenty of time programming, building and replacing hardware and the like. So I love it when technology pieces fit together. One of those pieces is an Android app that brings the joys of Xbox Live to my mobile Android device.

Spark 360 is an Android application to connect you with your friends and fellow gamers over Xbox Live, even while you’re away from your console. Actually, I use it while I’m on my console as it’s easier to message people with the app than with a controller!

The interface is clean. Super clean. Beautiful in fact. I can access messages (and send, which is great!), see who’s online and track games I’ve played. There’s even a Microsoft Points conversion tool built in. The latest update offers a favorite users function (just star your close friends in the app and filter for that) and message notifications.

If you are a gamer and an Android user, Spark is a must have app.