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  • Fable II: First Impressions

    We got our hands on the Limited Edition of Fable II just after the stroke of midnight last night.  Regulars to this blog know that both of us are big Fable fans and have been looking forward to the release for a year at least. It’s here now, I’ve played a couple of hours, and…

  • Fable 2 Pub Games: Play & Win [Contest]

    This weekend, Xbox Live’s Play & Win is the Fable 2 Pub Games. Gamble away your hero’s livelihood August 22-24 for your chance to win an exclusive Fable 2 themed Xbox 360 signed by none other than Peter Molyneaux. Full details after the jump.

  • Pub Games: Going Into Debt for My Hero!

    Whoever dreamed up the marketing scheme for Fable 2 must belong to Mensa – as you can see from the blog here, the Mr and I are sucked right into their evil genius schemes.  Today was the release of the Fable II Pub Games, available for free with a pre-order of the full game (coming…