Pub Games: Going Into Debt for My Hero!


Whoever dreamed up the marketing scheme for Fable 2 must belong to Mensa – as you can see from the blog here, the Mr and I are sucked right into their evil genius schemes.  Today was the release of the Fable II Pub Games, available for free with a pre-order of the full game (coming October 21). I got a chance to play them this afternoon, and I can easily tell you how to waste a few hundred hours before October. Gambling.

The games (three of them) are fun and unique, I have lost all my money three times over already, and I am racking up lots of debt for my hero. Lots and lots of debt. I imagine that my Fable 2 character will be much like my original Fable character, walking through a swarm of flies with horns coming out of my head bathed in a halo of light and goodness.

The best part about these games is being in the Fable universe again. The art, the sounds, the music… they all bring back those old familiar memories of kicking chickens and getting wasted at the pub. Er, and saving damsels and slaying bad guys. Yeah, that.

If you didn’t already pre-order Fable 2, are you crazy? you can download a trial of the games on the Xbox Live Marketplace today. However, if you tend to get easily addicted to gambling-type games (these are cards, dice, and spinners), you should stay far far away.

I have to go borrow another 100 bucks from the banker. But I’m sure I’ll win the jackpot on the next game. Or the next. Or sometime in the next week. You can’t win if you don’t play, right?

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