BREAKING: FFXIII coming to Xbox 360!

Gamers everywhere, rejoice! During their keynote speech at E3 this morning, Microsoft announced that Final Fantasy XIII, formerly a Sony exclusive, will be coming to the 360. The Final Fantasy series was the only thing tempting me back to a Sony console (I own a PS2 but haven’t played it since the 360 arrived), and I am happy to save the extra money to buy all of the Square Enix games coming out for 360.

Square Enix, known by fans everywhere as the best RPG developers out there, also announced 3 more titles coming to 360: Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean, and Last Remnant. All titles will be out by the end of the year, and FFXIII will launch the same date as the PS3 version, causing a huge war between fan boys and girls everywhere. I can not wait.

Microsoft, FTW!

Xbox360Fanboy – FF XIII
Kotaku – FF XIII

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  1. MrsKniceGuy

    This is such huge news – several of the big gaming forums entirely crashed upon the announcement with so many gamers hitting the interwebs. Pretty much everyone is seeing this as a huge win for the Xbox. Love it!!

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