E3: Sony Advertises Televisions

Using approximately one billion Sony TVs for their E3 keynote speech, Sony reminded everyone how they really make their money and why they paid out billions to win the Hi-Def war. But in gaming news…

Several PS3 games will now be upped to “classic” status, with the price lowered to $29.99: Resistance, Fall of Man; Motorstorm; Warhawk; Call of Duty 3; Assassin’s Creed; Oblivion; and others. In addition, they plan to release the new Ratchet and Clank add-on at a $15 price point, calling it a “new concept – it’s a shorter game at a lower price.” (Hmmm… surprisingly this concept doesn’t sound quite so “new” to this 360 DLC user).

Sony continued to push their PS2, releasing a new bundle with Lego Batman and Justice League: New Frontiers for $149. Over 130 titles are being released on PS2 in 2008. In response to the limited number of PS3 releases, Jack Tretton of Sony takes out of a can of whoop ass and says, “We’re not interested in filling up our stores with titles no one wants to play just so we can say we have the most” (translation: I cried myself to sleep after I learned we lost the Final Fantasy exclusive. But I’ll act like I don’t care).

Sony also has a new TV & movie download service that launches tonight with entertainment partners such as – surprise! – Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Fox, Disney & Lionsgate. Rental prices start at $1.99, with movie purchases at $15. Media can be shared across a PS3 and PSP, so you can download a movie and watch it on your PSP.

A new PSP bundle will be available starting in October, with a silver PSP, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, 1GB memory stick, National Treasure 2, and an Echochrome voucher for $199 (I may need to get this for mrkniceguy for Christmas).

The word on Playstation Home is… be patient. Sony assures the public that the wait will be worth it. Again. And then showed off more pictures of how cool it will be. Maybe at next year’s E3, they’ll have an actual launch date.

Sony did pull out a new SKU – an 80GB unit to replace the 40GB for $399 starting in September. Considering a 60 GB 360 will be available in August for $349, it’s a competitive pricing move for Sony. With some pretty-looking titles like God of War 3 and Infamous coming out in 2009, it looks like Sony might be better situated come this time next year.

The big announcement for the day came in the form of an in-development title called MAG-Massive Action Game, which includes the possibility of 256-player online battles (in teams of 8). The game is currently in development – no release date set.

So, my 360 fangirl-ism aside, who do you think made out the best this round? Both Microsoft and Sony announced streaming and downloadable entertainment content. Microsoft is partnering with Netflix and its huge database of movies, but you have to have a Netflix subscription to watch. Sony is partnering with some of the studios, but you have to pay per rental or purchase. However, Sony will let you transfer the media to a portable device. They both sound like pretty interesting deals.

Me? I don’t buy a gaming console to watch movies. 😉

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3 responses to E3: Sony Advertises Televisions

  1. Let’s see… which one was releasing Fable 2? Oh, yeah.. Microsoft! 😀

    Fanboyism aside, MAG does look pretty cool. I wonder how they will control the players though. If accounts are free and you can set up as many as you like and play online, what keeps people from abusing that and tipping teams?

    Great writeup btw!

  2. MrsKniceGuy

    They did make a mention of accounts being standardized across the PS2 and PS3 so one user can only have one account. I’m not sure how the heck they would police it though. And that’s not a perk that’s launching tonight like the movie service (all those poor PS3 fanboys are going to rent Beaches in hi-def for $5.99 and then cry into their pillows).

  3. Well, one of their major “sales points” is that their online service is free. So theoretically you can create multiple accounts for online play. I don’t like the idea of banning a guy from my approved players list and then a day later playing with him again because he made a new account with a “1” at the end. Xbox live is a better service because you can keep track of who you do and don’t want to play with and it would cost them a minimum of $7 to bypass that. Of course, PC users have put up with this for years so maybe I’m being over the top. Actually, I’m sure I am. 😉

    The movies deal will be interesting. I can’t wait to see the movie list and what they have available.

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