Hit the Pipe!

Xbox announced yesterday their new “Xbox LIVE PIPELINE” for browsing the LIVE Marketplace on the web. This is a good idea but still needs some work. After using the service for a day I have some good and bad things to say.

First, the positives: a well built site that’s not a total pain to navigate, a chance to preview new releases before you (go find them again and) download them. A little preview is available for each title and included cost of each. I do like this mainly so I don’t have to waist game-time on the 360 Marketplace unless there’s something I want to go grab.

Now the cons: no freaking preview of themes or gamer-pictures? COME ON! I just want to see what I’m buying before I pull the trigger. I also think there should be a way to message yourself on the console so you don’t have to go find the download again. Just allowing for the user to message a link or reminder would be great.


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