Halo 3

It’s all over the place! Man, I was at GameCrazy at 11:15 to wait in line. CG had a drawing even though they had taken pre-orders… (wha?) so I got #106. Since they weren’t going to call my number until after 1am a friend and I went back to his house to play some Forza 2. Being my first time playing that game I was pleasantly surprised.

1am finally came and we headed back, to find them on customer 58. Ouch. I sure hope this goes fast. They keep giving out crappy Lost Planet posters and such, which is not helping the wait really. A friend and I talked about game for the next hour as we waited.

Just before 2 am they called my number. I walked up, picked up the game I’d already paid for and left. Of course, I needed to get up early the next day and would be out of town most of the day so I wasn’t even going to be able to play. But that wasn’t really the point. The point was I had the game. I had to wait 16 hours more to actually play it…

The menus are really nice. I had no trouble navigating to set up my characters look and logo. I chekced out FORGE first. Seemed like a great place to start. Then my wife and I played through the first two levels of the campaign. Aside from having to relearn how to reload, it was a breeze to transition from Halo 2 to 3. The graphics are amazing on my 32′ LCD running native 720p. Tonight, we’ll play a little and then maybe some online play. 😀

While I would never say Halo 3 is the greatest game ever made, I would say it is truly a great game. I am really looking forward to “finishing the fight.”

Halo 3 screenshot

A screenshot from my game the other night. One of the coolest features I’ve seen an a game.. more to come on this.