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Well, a while back I posted about winning a contest on the site by playing DOA4 with a friend. After finding out from the web site that we had won (there must have not been very many people that played because we never win anything) I had not received any notice that we had won.. but our names were posted on the site?!

I emailed the contact for the contest and after “updating” my address (there was no change) was informed my item would ship out soon. I waited and waited, as did my friend. Nothing ever came. So I emailed them again, a month and a half later, this time was redirected to the company that was handling the actual rewards for the contest. They replied within 48 hours and told me my prize would be on the way. So, knowing it would be “on it’s way” I though nothing more of it at the time.

2 more months passed and I was getting irritated, to say the least. What could possibly be taking this long! I decided to write one last email, voicing my disgust with their service. After asking for some resolution or a alternative reward I was told they needed my console serial number. What?! That was on my account profile a YEAR AGO!!!! Now I’m thinking, this is just crap. Either there was a mistake and I did not win (but they said that I had) or they are yanking my chain. I’m thinking it’s the later.This time, I did not respond. In my mind, I was done. Forget them and their stupid contests.

Now, I realize this is all over something I did not have to pay for, it was a give away in a contest. But that’s not really the point. The point is they said they would send it out.. soon. But I was told 4-6 weeks, not 4-6 MONTHS.

Today, my “prize” showed up. Granted it’s as good as “cash” and can be used to buy “stuff” it’s a little lacking for what I’ve gone through. A different company entirely sent me my prize, which only leads me to believe the “other” one didn’t keep it’s promises.

They sent me 1600 MS points. And 1600 for my friend… whom I now have to mail them to… great.

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