Bludgeoning a dead horse

It’s already been established. Manhunt 2 is a lame game. Purely looking at the game play aspect Manhunt 2 offers very little in the way of “fun” which I think most people look for in a game (yes?). But that’s not good enough. Never mind the poor ratings and reviews (Metacritic score of 65), if people here about it enough they can’t stop thinking about it and won’t leave it alone. If no one hears about a game, no one plays it… just ask any marketing department. But if you can get some hype out of reviews, even negative ones, you will sell some copies.

Enter Sen. Hillary Clinton. Can’t let the dead horse lie huh? She (and a few other Senators) are calling for a “review” of the ESRB’s rating of Manhunt 2. Why? Because flailing you arms around like a moron simulating killing motions is SO much worse than using your thumbs. So we must now waste who knows how much of the taxpayers dollars looking at the so called “murder simulator” that no one is playing anyway. Do you think this is a good use of a Senators time? Or do you think they should be doing more to protect free speech, seeing as how the are supposed to be working for the country that set the standard for free speech. You decide.

In contrast, when thinking of the upcoming ’08 run, don’t overlook former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. He’s a (beginner) gamer! Just ask Chuck Norris!!!