Day One Patches and Next-Gen Consoles

Next-Gen Consoles Future is a Wired (or Wireless) One

I just wanted to mention a little something about next-generation consoles and the internet. There was quite a huff a little while ago when a major next-gen console maker mentioned their device would require an internet connection to work.

Next-Gen Consoles need the intenetThe reality is that all next-gen consoles (both PS4 and Xbox One and even going back to the Wii U) need an internet connection to work the way we’ve grown to expect. And I’d even go out on a limb and say I bet that you have an internet connection at home. (Unless you’re reading this at the library. Are you?). The reality is, pretty much anyone buying a next-gen console has internet, or has reasonable access to the internet. And while this first run of the next-gen consoles need a day one update, the ones manufactured later will most likely have the necessary updates in place (for military personnel, which is just about the only argument for cases regarding gamers without reliable internet).

The Future of Wired Consoles is Bright

Bottom line is, the next generation of consoles (both the PS4 and the Xbox One) will be “amazing.” And that “amazing” needs to be updated as the launch moves forward. Developing the OS and features will continue throughout the lives of the systems (look at the changes to the Xbox 360 dashboard over its life as an example) and a connection to the internet is a must to have the latest and greatest on your PS4 or Xbox One.

I feel weird when my console isn’t connected to the internet, which is hardly ever the case. I for one have no problem with day one updates for next-gen consoles that bring new amazing features we’re only just beginning to understand how they will change gaming (and I think I’m with you in hoping for the better).

Now, if the servers that host these updates don’t crash on launch, everything will be fine. But we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get there.