COD4 Multiplayer Fun


Got a chance to play some multi on Call of Duty 4 with friends over the weekend. Even played a few against players on LIVE. I must say, I am hooked. The game lacks a few features I’ve grown to love playing Halo 3, like the theater mode and, but the actually gameplay far outweighs these. There are lots of game types to be unlocked as you rank up online, and all the maps are well made.

Playing free-for-all with some friends has been a blast and is a good chance to check out the maps before taking our game online and getting pwnd. The ability to create custom classes is awesome. I can’t wait to experiment with weapons combinations online to find my ideal class.

And that’s just the MP aspect. The campaign mode is a perfect 10 in my book. Well worth picking up.

Have you played COD4 yet?

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