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The Mrs. turned me on to a new site last week and I must say, I am hooked. provides an excellent resource for those who don’t have their own site or simply want to network with other gamers and find clans/guilds.This free service is tied to the site, which has been a winner in my book for some time.

The setup process for a new account is painless and quite complete. I was able to add “AKAs” and show my Xbox LIVE gamertag, twitter and instantly. There is also a tracking games list where you can specify what games you’ve played and are done, and what games you are still playing (so you can stop getting requests for games you just don’t play anymore!). The ability to upload images is a lot of fun too, as I posted some Microsoft Flight Sim X screenshots from the weekend. Sweet!

My only issue so far has been the selection of games. I wanted to add some news regarding Far Cry 2 coming out in a month and the game was not on the list. I went looking for a place to add new games and discovered in the forums that they are aware of this and rolling out some new features in regards to game tracking and management. In the meantime, the list is pretty complete and offers plenty to track and add to.

gamerDNA - MKG

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