Total Miner: Forge – Grab your pickax!

Over the weekend my son and I discovered a new great game on Xbox Live Indie Games. Total Miner: Forge

We (my son and I) are constently on the lookout for great co-op games. We love playing together and we especially love creative games that let you make stuff. Oh, we love smash-em-ups and great puzzles, but our favorite by far is any game with the abilty to make stuff. You know, map editor type gameplay. Total Miner shines in this department.

There are some great RPG and exploration elements to this game but where we’ve spent most of our time is the Creative mode. A place to just kick back and make stuff. Our world has a massive castle in the ground, deep caves, treasure rooms, monster rooms and lots, lots more. We’ve easily spent several hours playing, which is a good indicator of value in my book. Currently Total Miner is 240 Microsoft Points ($3).

Here’s a video from the creators detailing some of the stuff you can do with Total Miner:

Grab it from the Xbox LIVE Indie games area and hit me up. We’ll play online.