Turning the Gears


I finally got my hands on Gears of War last night. My beautiful wife got it for me for Christmas and let me open it early! (Thanx sweetie!). After a few hours I was in chapter 3 when I just had to knock off and go to bed.. with visions of Locust Hoard still dancing in my head. I must say, the guys over at Epic have created something wonderful. Let me address some of my favorite things about the game:

The game-play is brilliant. Instead of a run/strafe/jump type game-play Gears is so much more fluid. Using cover is part of any realistic firefight and Gears does this better than I have ever seen. Cover fire, pop-and-shoot, cover agian. It took me the better part of an hour and I had the new reloading system down and really felt like I was in the environment. Using cover is awesome!!!
The voice overs have been attacked some in the last few weeks but I have played much worse and didn’t think it was that bad. The game does not disappoint and lends FPSs a very fresh and new game.

So, go grab it! And then come help me kill the Hoard!!!


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