DRM and my Xbox 360

UPDATE* This issue is resolved! Way to go Microsoft.

Well, I’ve finally been bitten by the DRM monster. Just about 3 weeks ago my Xbox 360 suffered the RRoD (aka the 3RLoD) so I sent it in to Microsoft. They were very quick to send it back and I was able to confirm a new heatsink, and replaced DVD drive (BenQ). However, the licensed content on my Xbox that was more that a year old did not carry over. So, I must be signed into Xbox Live to play WIK: Falbe of Souls or some of my Oblivion add-on content. I must say, I am non too pleased. After a call to support (1-800-4MY-XBOX) they are “working on it” and will call me in “the next 30 days.” 30 days? So if my internet is down or I am not at home in the next month, don’t count on being able to play Oblivion

I have spent hundreds of dollars on downloaded content from the Live Marketplace, but I will think twice about it next time. I enjoy being able to use the things I’ve paid for. It is very inconvenient to have to be signed into Xbox Live to do it. Comon’ Microsoft. Get this fixed!

Have you been screwed by the DRM issue? Your comments below.

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